Our mission is to provide individuals with the knowledge, tools and motivation needed to become healthier from the inside out. By focusing largely on nutrition and over all health we will aid our clients in improving their quality of life and at the same time assist them in reaching their personal, fitness-related goals.

Gym Location: 8303 Sierra College Blvd. Roseville,CA - Suite 106-108

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The NewFire Fitness Team:

Tyler McGuire - Certified | Personal Trainer
email: tyler.newfire@yahoo.com

Sarah McGuire - NASM Certified | Personal Trainer
phone: 916.743.9532
email: sarah@newfirefitness.com

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Wrestling season is almost over but the training is just getting ready to start. If you're looking to go up a weight class or just looking to maintain, get in touch with us at NewFire Fitness. We will construct workouts specific to your sport that will help you achieve your goals. Gain size and strength in the off season with NewFire Fitness!

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Hayes Barnard

- Hayes Barnard - President of Paramount Equity

"No person or company has ever accomplished anything until their team is excited and full of positive energy. Our Boot Camp trainers at NewFire Fitness set the tone and create that purposeful high energy moment to unite our team every Tuesday afternoon. They are the match to ignite fun and fitness in the heart of our employees so our business continues to flourish."  
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