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In Season Training

1. Train Frequently-Realistically, you should train two workouts per week with higher intensities but lower volumes. Intensity is the key to training, not volume, and this applies even more during the season. Never skip an in-season workout. A 15-minute, one-set workout is better in the long run than a missed day of training.
2. Work Lower Body- Strength and Power In-Season
Don't "save the legs." If you save them in September, they will fail you in November. See number one above. High intensity, low volume. One or two sets of an Olympic lift and one or two sets of a squat or variation go a long way.

3. No Excuses-Only listen to "workers," not "whiners." Athletes hate in-season lifting. It's like going to the dentist. Painful, but necessary.
4. No Optional Workouts-Don't make excuses with "choices" of lifts, or phantom injuries that get you out of working your lower body. We need to convince sport coaches that if athletes are too injured to lift, they are too injured to play. You'll be amazed how fast kids get healthy.

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Paramount Equity's boot camp by NewFire Fitness. Book your on-site, healthy, active, team building boot camp today.

Parmount Equity's President and Employees responses:

"No person or company has ever accomplished anything until their team is excited and full of positive energy. Our Boot Camp trainers at New Fire Fitness set the tone and create that purposeful high energy moment to unite our team every Tuesday afternoon. They are the match to ignite fun and fitness in the heart of our employees so our business continues to flourish."  
Hayes Barnard | President


"I like the camaraderie of working out with co-workers. It’s a unique way to interact with each other outside of every day events. Gives us all an opportunity to bond while sharing the “pain” of physical exertion.

From an HR perspective, I like the opportunity to support physical wellness for the staff. It’s important to show employees that the company cares about more than their work performance, but also about them as human beings. It’s a fairly inexpensive initiative to get employees to take time out for themselves, to create some balance in their lives. If the employer shows that they support a healthy work-life balance, the employee is more likely to maintain that balance in their lives. Which in turn makes them more productive while at work. Additionally, the healthier they are, the less they miss work for sick days."
Shelli Gilletti, SPHR | Director of Human Resources

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